Horizon Zero Dawn Initially Experienced a Co-Op Mode

One of the largest topics in gaming throughout 2017 that can likely carry over into this current year and beyond was the alleged decline from the single-player game. It’s interesting, then, that Horizon Zero Dawn, one of last year’s greatest single-player adventures, in the past a co-op mode built in it.

“Before you start, we had arrived wondering about two players in co-op, our very early prototype was with two players,” Game Director Mathijs de Jonge recently told NoClip. “We\’d the experience running back then in co-op knowning that was quite nice to find out.”

So, why did developer Guerilla Games drop co-op? Is it away from feeling of dedication to pure single-player experiences a la Machine Games? Not quite. Guerilla didn’t choose to sacrifice other features to be able to co-op run-up towards the standard it had searching for the overall game.

“We haven’t got that [in the last game] for the reason that programmers basically declared if you needed to have co-op, we\’d in addition have 50 percent of your features we been requesting and not just One hundred pc,” explained de Jonge. “With Horizon Zero Dawn is the first game [in the franchise], we wanted 100 percent, and now we dropped co-op and only that.

“The NPCs fighting along, that\’s very complicated to obtain that right therefore we didn\’t need to visit just for this game because it’s a whole lot attempt to make it happen well.”

Aside from comments about eager to feature more machine enemies with an engaging narrative, neither Guerilla nor publisher Sony have announced concrete info on a Horizon sequel. So while de Jonge is leaving it open for co-op’s inclusion in the inevitable follow-up, it’s definitely not a confirmed feature now.

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