Borderlands 3 Might Feature Elon Musk's "Sentient" Flamethrower

Elon Musk’s The Boring Company began selling flamethrowers, of all things, a couple weeks ago, and he’s already sold north of 7,000 units. And although Musk has joked that his flamethrower might be used by surviving a zombie apocalypse, it appears to be more often than not it’ll be informative for combating alien monsters, bandits, and corporate soldiers.

After sarcastically tweeting that “the flamethrower is sentient, its safe word is ‘cryptocurrency,’ and this features a free blockchain,” Musk was contacted by Gearbox Software President and CEO Randy Pitchford about possibly along with the gun in Gearbox’s upcoming Borderlands 3.

“I’m intending to add this in our next Borderlands game. Super serious,” tweeted Pitchford yesterday. “Identify to be able to write the taste text. You could have already succeeded in doing so — we’ll just lift it from one to your tweets.”

Musk tweeted back that he was fine utilizing this type of and Pitchford responded rrt had been a done deal.

Although the last few years have already been packed with a Borderland spin-offs, a prequel, as well as a re-release, fans have already been anticipating an accurate Borderlands sequel since 2012’s Borderlands 2. Pitchford hinted in September 2017 that not less than 90 % of Gearbox was working on Borderlands 3, even so the game will not yet have a very release date or perhaps official announcement beyond Pitchford previously saying there would “obviously” be another Borderlands game.

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