Rust Leaves Steam Early Access in February After Four Years

Multiplayer survival game Rust is finally launching after 4 years in Steam Early Access on Feb. 8,?Facepunch Studios announced inside a content.

The studio clarified that while the sport will reach 1.0 status, it is actually faraway from complete. The developer works on Rust, yet it\’s stable enough now to explode the Early Access tag.

“Portion of leaving Early Access is making the building more stable,” Facepunch Studios said during the post. “Which means that not rushing in features and fixes that find themselves breaking something else entirely.?For this reason we’re probably going to be transitioning to monthly updates.”

On Feb. 8, Rust might be separated into two branches: main and staging. The staging branch will give you daily updates to the game, although the main branch is the less updated and “stable” version. Both versions might be installed all at once, together with the intend to have one or two staging servers to examine updates for any main branch at the end of month to month. Rust will increasing amount of price after launch, from $19.99 to $34.99.


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