Sony Patents Hint in the Future of PlayStation VR

Two new patents filed by Sony could provide some hints with regards to in which the company’s virtual reality technology, PlayStation VR, is headed.

As reported by VR Focus, the patents suggest two potential changes to the PlayStation Move controller that will dramatically change how PlayStation VR games are played: an analog stick and finger-tracking technology.

The first patent includes diagrams this come with a side-mounted handstrap (rather than bottom-mounted strap that’s currently within the controller) and even additional buttons set from the controller.?Adding an analog stick has been a highly-requested feature by PlayStation VR owners, so it’s interesting to see Sony no less than entertaining the thinking behind adding anyone to the Move controller.

The second patent hints at much bigger changes to Sony’s VR technology. Originally filed in 2017, it details potential finger-tracking technology that is competent to recognize and monitor finger placement within the controller. This could allow for more nuanced movements and will give players substantially more treatments for their VR experiences.

What’s substantially more interesting is the patent also details the way the Move controller would be tracked through the head-mounted PlayStation VR display, not the PlayStation camera as they are the case. VR players have were not impressed with tracking problems with the PlayStation camera since launch, so a head-mounted tracking system could reduce these complaints significantly. Not surprisingly, this feature isn’t currently included in the headset, which might indicate at the upgrade (PlayStation VR 2?) if Sony executes during this idea.

Sony’s first virtual reality outing were built with a pretty strong year in 2017, yet even at launch there was hardware and software conditions might be improved and smoothed out. It’s unclear if either idea with these patents should come to fruition, but Sony is clearly wanting to evolve PlayStation VR and push expertise to generate even more.

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