Final Fantasy XV January Update Adds Aranea Training Partner and even more

Final Fantasy XV becomes another update on Jan. 21 that contributes some pretty interesting ideas to the overall game. Square Enix released a list of the brand new features, with a new \”standby\” option at camp and allowing Aranea being a training partner. Look for their email list of changes below:

? Conclusion of your Assassin\’s Festival.
? Inclusion of an new training partner (Aranea Highwind) at camp.
? Implementation of a standby option at camp.
? Addition of new items at Alessio\’s trading post in Altissia.
? Introduction of the latest drills to the tutorial.
? Various bug fixes.
(Updated saves will not likely develop former versions with the game.)

In other news, Final Fantasy XV will be experiencing a completely new Royal Edition for your PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later in 2010. Besides including many of the downloadable content released to your base game, the Royal Edition will have a number of new content. Similarly, this version will launch alongside the PC Widows Edition which contains the exact same measure of content.

Those who would like to play Final Fantasy XV can now acquire a copy for the PS4 and Xbox One.


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